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Our attention to details in the design and implementation phases, combined with the thirty years of experience in the field, allow us to achieve those high levels of efficiency required today.

  • The project will be managed through well-tested project management techniques. The Project Manager will have a unique reference throughout the project’s duration, from the definition of the delivery specifications to the after sales service.
  • Mechanical design, plant design and software development are entrusted to internal staff at GST, with proven preparation and experience.
  • The project is periodically shared with the Customer in order to exploit its competences on both product and process together with the experience gained on metal packaging systems by GST.
  • Machining of critical mechanical components is carried out in GST, using the available machine park.
  • Planting is entrusted to GST, personnel, for both machine edge and electric board.
  • Such adopted technical solutions allow for a simple and intuitive set-up and adjustment of the machine.
  • Any criticalities on the assembly process will be analyzed in advance through appropriate virtual simulation tools and early prototyping.
  • All used components are of high quality, made by internationally renowned and easy-to-find builders.
  • Competence and experience allow for the most appropriate choice when using special components.
  • Our fast and efficient spare parts service and customer relationship management, even in after-sales, make the difference

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