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GST, a reliable partner

Strong roots in tradition, natural orientation towards innovation

GST is founded in 2000 by Emilio Mussino, a man with a long experience in the metal packaging industry, who has gained expertise and know-how from technical assistance, moving on to creating and managing important packaging manufacturing companies and innovative packaging technologies.

Since 2015, GST is part of a business network project together with OTS Assembly, a team-up born with the purpose of increasing innovative capacity, economic and technological development and competitiveness, optimizing access to both national and international markets, purchases, operational structures and the sharing of technical and IT-based equipment.

The staff of GST consists in a group of skilled workers who have been operating for many years in this specific field, ensuring their expertise and advanced know-how. The activity of GST mainly involves installations for producers in the metal packaging sector. Furthermore, thanks to its in-depth knowledge of mechanics and resistance welding, GST is a reliable partner for the production of special machines for many fields of application (automotive, household appliances, etc.).

Indeed, GST collaborates with important Italian and international companies, offering its support and knowledge in the provision of lines, keys-in-hand, to leading industrial partners for this sector.

With a wide and comprehensive range of services, GST effectively and directly follows all project stages, from research to installation and start of the plant, offering a dynamic post-sale assistance with highly qualified technicians and a punctual spare parts service.


Profiles and Strategy

An almost unique reality in the industry, able to combine the slimness of its small size with the strength and know-how of an international leader.

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Our attention to details in the design and implementation phases, combined with the thirty years of experience in the field, allow us to achieve those high levels of efficiency required today.

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Our team is composed of industry experts, able to listen to every need and find ideal solutions to every single situation.

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