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Understanding, experience and creativity

GST is a small company which combines, in accordance with the guidelines of a targeted business policy, the flexibility of local-sized enterprises with the expertise, technology and worldwide network of major international brands. GST poses itself as an almost unique reality in the industry, able to combine the slimness of its small size with the strength and know-how of an international leader.

The flexibility and responsiveness that GST is able to offer to its customers are due to the business decision of choosing manufacturers specializing in supplying basic machines and power systems, guaranteeing high quality standards, low costs and reduced times. This choice allows to focus on engineering activities which, driven by understanding, experience and creativity skills, are the true added value of the product.

All other key activities are carried out internally: mechanical, plant and software design, machining of mechanical details, machine assembly, cabling and installation, fine tuning, documentation, installation at the site and commissioning.