available for our customers

GST has always considered the relationship with the customer

the key to success

Continuous contact with the customer is needed not only during the development of the plants, but, above all, after they have started their service.

The after sales service is one of the most distinctive activities for a modern and efficient company like GST.
Before delivering the machines to the Customer, GST provides a training period which is proportional to the complexity of the application, for both technicians and operating personnel.
Plant activity is favored and simplified by the care with which the user and maintenance manual is written. Drafting of this document represents a fundamental verification moment for application, methodology and principles of modern and rational design for a functional, durable and efficient product.
In addition to the warranty period, GST guarantees high-quality mechanical, electrical and electronic service, as well as a remote support service in order to minimize production stoppages and resolve problems as quickly as possible.

GST technicians can be contacted any time during working hours, by telephone or by e-mail, and are available to the Customer for clarifications and suggestions.

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