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In this type of production we have automatic resistance welding machines for the longitudinal welding of drums, boilers and external claddings, and other metal bodies of medium size, in steel and stainless steel. GST manufactures special machines with quick and fully automatic replacement system, with the possibility of welding shaped bodies (paintings, rectangles, etc.), equipped[...]

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The S.M.B 120 GST semiautomatic welding machine is a reliable, versatile and extremely flexible machine; it is possible to achieve high productions by reducing batch change times to a minimum. With a quick and simple change of tooling, it is possible produce a wide of products, from 220 mm pails up to 571.5 mm drums.[...]

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GST manufactures automatic resistance welding machines for the production of boxes, buckets, drums and metal packaging in general, steel, tinplate and other coated materials, both for food industry and general uses. The format change is quick and easy, simplified and touch screen controls. downloadtechnical specificationsclick here
This automated electrostatic powder application system for longitudinal welding protection can be applied to a wide range of metal containers. The plant comes ready to work either with a single production line or two lines simultaneously. downloadtechnical specifications click here
In the standard GST production there are also automatic liquid painting systems for protecting both internal and external longitudinal welding for any type of metal container. Roller, brush, airspray and airless systems for every need in terms of quality and performance. download technical specificationsclick here
Powder and liquid paint-based modular protection curing ovens are used on all types of metal containers and at any production speed. The ovens, powered by gas or electricity, can be delivered in line or in "U" format, according to the Customer's needs. downloadtechnical specificationsclick here